Poultry Farming In Cameroon, Africa

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As a young small scale poultry farmer from the Southwest region in Cameroon, particularly the rural town of Buea. I raise chickens and use the proceeds to care for my family. I arrived at my farm one early morning and found three-quarters of my chickens lying death of which they were very fine the previous evening.

It was the most devastating moment for me without hopes for a better tomorrow. I called so many veterinarians to come to my rescue, but continue witnessing losing one chicken every minute before one could arrive. My flock of 500 chickens was left with only 60 and of which I wasn’t sure of their survival.

I relocated to another bigger rural community for job searching, after 7 months of no job, my beloved mother called me. She said to me son, I know you are smart and I want you to know that you will someday be part of the change our planet needs. She gave me her little saving which she had saved over time and told me to go and succeed.

So I went back and started an animal feed business for animals because this was less risky. After 3 years of success, our local university called and propose to send interns for professional training.

When these interns came, we decided to scale my feed business and surveyed all the 126 farmers we sell animal feed to. 85% of these farmers’ main worries were increasing chicken mortalities and access to a market for their products.

This is how I collaborated with various stakeholders and tech savvy’s to develop our solution which is a 

Smartphone laboratory that early detects and rapidly diagnose diseases and situations in poultry much sooner than previously possible to decrease losses and inhibit the spread of infection to other birds by providing an instant result of diagnosis and friendly treatment advice because the sooner a disease is identified and action is taken, the better. Farmers also receive updates on best practices, vaccination reminders and real-time predictions of disease outbreaks in every location.

Get it now on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.savethechicken

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